Netbackup Status codes

Veritas Netbackup Status Code

0    the requested operation was successfully completed
1    the requested operation was partially successful
2    none of the requested files were backed up
3    valid archive image produced, but no files deleted due to non-fatal problems
4    archive file removal failed
5    the restore failed to recover the requested files
6    the backup failed to back up the requested files
7    the archive failed to back up the requested files
8    unable to determine the status of rbak
9    a necessary extension package is not installed or not configured properly
10    allocation failed
11    system call failed
12    file open failed
13    file read failed
14    file write failed
15    file close failed
16    unimplemented feature
17    pipe open failed
18    pipe close failed
19    getservbyname failed
20    invalid command parameter
21    socket open failed
22    socket close failed
23    socket read failed
24    socket write failed
25    cannot connect on socket
26    client/server handshaking failed
27    child process killed by signal
28    failed trying to fork a process
29    failed trying to exec a command
30    cannot get passwd information
31    could not set user id for process
32    could not set group id for process
33    failed while trying to send mail
34    failed waiting for child process
35    cannot make required directory
36    failed trying to allocate memory
37    operation requested by an invalid server
38    could not get group information
39    client name mismatch
40    network connection broken
41    network connection timed out
42    network read failed
43    unexpected message received
44    network write failed
45    request attempted on a non reserved port
46    server not allowed access
47    host is unreachable
48    client hostname could not be found
49    client did not start
50    client process aborted
51    timed out waiting for database information
52    timed out waiting for media manager to mount volume
53    backup restore manager failed to read the file list
54    timed out connecting to client
55    permission denied by client during rcmd
56    client’s network is unreachable
57    client connection refused
58    can’t connect to client
59    access to the client was not allowed
60    client cannot read the mount table
63    process was killed by a signal
64    timed out waiting for the client backup to start
65    client timed out waiting for the continue message from the media manager
66    client backup failed to receive the CONTINUE BACKUP message
67    client backup failed to read the file list
68    client timed out waiting for the file list
69    invalid filelist specification
70    an entry in the filelist expanded to too many characters
71    none of the files in the file list exist
72    the client type is incorrect in the configuration database
73    bpstart_notify failed
74    client timed out waiting for bpstart_notify to complete
75    client timed out waiting for bpend_notify to complete
76    client timed out reading file
77    execution of the specified system command returned a nonzero status
78    afs/dfs command failed
79    unsupported image format for the requested database query
80    Media Manager device daemon (ltid) is not active
81    Media Manager volume daemon (vmd) is not active
82    media manager killed by signal
83    media open error
84    media write error
85    media read error
86    media position error
87    media close error
89    problems encountered during setup of shared memory
90    media manager received no data for backup image
91    fatal NB media database error
92    media manager detected image that was not in tar format
93    media manager found wrong tape in drive
94    cannot position to correct image
95    media id is not assigned to this host in the EMM database
96    unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available
97    requested media id is in use, cannot process request
98    error requesting media (tpreq)
99    NDMP backup failure
100    system error occurred while processing user command
101    failed opening mail pipe
102    failed closing mail pipe
103    error occurred during initialization, check configuration file
104    invalid file pathname
105    file pathname exceeds the maximum length allowed
106    invalid file pathname found, cannot process request
108    Action succeeded but auditing failed
109    invalid date specified
110    Cannot find the NetBackup configuration information
111    No entry was found in the server list
112    no files specified in the file list
114    unimplemented error code
116    VxSS authentication failed
117    VxSS access denied
118    VxSS authorization failed
120    cannot find configuration database record for requested NB database backup
121    no media is defined for the requested NB database backup
122    specified device path does not exist
123    specified disk path is not a directory
124    NB database backup failed, a path was not found or is inaccessible
125    a NetBackup catalog backup is in progress
126    NB database backup header is too large, too many paths specified
127    specified media or path does not contain a valid NB database backup header
128    NB database recovery failed, a process has encountered an exceptional condition
129    Disk storage unit is full
130    system error occurred
131    client is not validated to use the server
132    user is not validated to use the server from this client
133    invalid request
134    unable to process request because the server resources are busy
135    client is not validated to perform the requested operation
136    TIR info was pruned from the image file
140    user id was not superuser
141    file path specified is not absolute
142    file does not exist
143    invalid command protocol
144    invalid command usage
145    daemon is already running
146    cannot get a bound socket
147    required or specified copy was not found
148    daemon fork failed
149    master server request failed
150    termination requested by administrator
151    Backup Exec operation failed
152    required value not set
153    server is not the master server
154    storage unit characteristics mismatched to request
155    disk is full
156    snapshot error encountered
157    suspend requested by administrator
158    failed accessing daemon lock file
159    licensed use has been exceeded
160    authentication failed
161    Evaluation software has expired.
162    incorrect server platform for license
163    media block size changed prior resume
164    unable to mount media because it is in a DOWN, or otherwise not available
165    NB image database contains no image fragments for requested backup id/copy number
166    backups are not allowed to span media
167    cannot find requested volume pool in EMM database
168    cannot overwrite media, data on it is protected
169    media id is either expired or will exceed maximum mounts
170    third party copy backup failure
171    media id must be 6 or less characters
172    cannot read media header, may not be NetBackup media or is corrupted
173    cannot read backup header, media may be corrupted
174    media manager - system error occurred
175    not all requested files were restored
176    cannot perform specified media import operation
177    could not deassign media due to Media Manager error
178    media id is not in NetBackup volume pool
179    density is incorrect for the media id
180    tar was successful
181    tar received an invalid argument
182    tar received an invalid file name
183    tar received an invalid archive
184    tar had an unexpected error
185    tar did not find all the files to be restored
186    tar received no data
189    the server is not allowed to write to the client’s file systems
190    found no images or media matching the selection criteria
191    no images were successfully processed
192    VxSS authentication is required but not available
193    VxSS authentication is requested but not allowed
194    the maximum number of jobs per client is set to 0
195    client backup was not attempted
196    client backup was not attempted because backup window closed
197    the specified schedule does not exist in the specified policy
198    no active policies contain schedules of the requested type for this client
199    operation not allowed during this time period
200    scheduler found no backups due to run
201    handshaking failed with server backup restore manager
202    timed out connecting to server backup restore manager
203    server backup restore manager’s network is unreachable
204    connection refused by server backup restore manager
205    cannot connect to server backup restore manager
206    access to server backup restore manager denied
207    error obtaining date of last backup for client
209    error creating or getting message queue
210    error receiving information on message queue
212    error sending information on message queue
213    no storage units available for use
215    failed reading global config database information
216    failed reading retention database information
217    failed reading storage unit database information
218    failed reading policy database information
219    the required storage unit is unavailable
220    database system error
221    continue
222    done
223    an invalid entry was encountered
224    there was a conflicting specification
225    text exceeded allowed length
226    the entity already exists
227    no entity was found
228    unable to process request
229    events out of sequence - image inconsistency
230    the specified policy does not exist in the configuration database
231    schedule windows overlap
232    a protocol error has occurred
233    premature eof encountered
234    communication interrupted
235    inadequate buffer space
236    the specified client does not exist in an active policy within the configuration database
237    the specified schedule does not exist in an active policy in the configuration database
238    the database contains conflicting or erroneous entries
239    the specified client does not exist in the specified policy
240    no schedules of the correct type exist in this policy
241    the specified schedule is the wrong type for this request
242    operation would cause an illegal duplication
243    the client is not in the configuration
245    the specified policy is not of the correct client type
246    no active policies in the configuration database are of the correct client type
247    the specified policy is not active
248    there are no active policies in the configuration database
249    the file list is incomplete
250    the image was not created with TIR information
251    the tir information is zero length
252    An extended error status has been encountered, check detailed status
253    the catalog image .f file has been archived
254    server name not found in the NetBackup configuration
256    logic error encountered
257    failed to get job data
258    Vault duplication was aborted by administrator request
259    vault configuration file not found
260    failed to send signal
261    vault internal error 261
262    vault internal error 262
263    session id assignment failed
265    session id file is empty or corrupt
266    cannot find robot, vault, or profile in the vault configuration
267    cannot find the local host name
268    the vault session directory is either missing or inaccessible
269    no vault session id was found
270    unable to obtain process id, getpid failed
271    vault XML version mismatch
272    execution of a vault notify script failed
273    invalid job id
274    no profile was specified
275    a session is already running for this vault
276    invalid session id
277    unable to print reports
278    unable to collect pre eject information from the API
279    eject process is complete
280    there are no volumes to eject
281    vault core error
282    cannot connect to nbvault server
283    error(s) occurred during vault report generation
284    error(s) occurred during vault report distribution
285    unable to locate vault directory
286    vault internal error
287    vault eject failed
288    vault eject partially succeeded
289    cannot consolidate reports of sessions from container and slot-based vaults
290    one or more errors detected during eject processing
291    number of media has exceeded capacity of MAP; must perform manual eject using vltopmenu or vlteject
292    eject process failed to start
293    eject process has been aborted
294    vault catalog backup failed
295    eject process could not obtain information about the robot
296    process called but nothing to do
297    all volumes are not available to eject
298    the library is not ready to eject volumes
299    there is no available MAP for ejecting
300    vmchange eject verify not responding
301    vmchange api_eject command failed
302    error encountered trying backup of catalog (multiple tape catalog backup)
303    error encountered executing Media Manager command
304    specified profile not found
305    multiple profiles exist
306    vault duplication partially succeeded
307    eject process has already been run for the requested Vault session
308    no images duplicated
309    report requested without eject being run
310    Updating of Media Manager database failed
311    Iron Mountain Report is already created for this session
312    invalid container database entry
313    container does not exist in container database
314    container database truncate operation failed
315    failed appending to container database
316    container_id is not unique in container database
317    container database close operation failed
318    container database lock operation failed
319    container database open operation failed
320    the specified container is not empty
321    container cannot hold any media from the specified robot
322    cannot find vault in vault configuration file
323    cannot find robot in vault configuration file
324    invalid data found in retention map file for duplication
325    unable to find policy/schedule for image using retention mapping
326    specified file contains no valid entry
327    no media ejected for the specified vault session
328    invalid container id
329    invalid recall status
330    invalid database host
331    invalid container description
332    error getting information from EMM database
333    error getting information from media manager command line
334    unable to receive response from robot; robot not ready
335    failure occurred while suspending media for eject
336    failure occurred while updating session information
337    failure occurred while updating the eject.mstr file
338    vault eject timed out
339    vault configuration file format error
340    vault configuration tag not found
341    vault configuration serialization failed
342    cannot modify - stale view
343    robot already exists
344    vault already exists
345    profile already exists
346    duplicate MAP
347    vault configuration cache not initialized
348    specified report does not exist
349    incorrect catalog backup policy
350    incorrect vault catalog backup schedule
351    all configured vault steps failed
400    Server Group Type is Invalid
401    Server Group Already Exists
402    Server Group Already Exists with a different type
403    Server Group Active State is not valid
404    Server Group does not exist
405    Member’s server type not compatible with Server Group
406    The computer specified is not a member of the server group specified
407    Member’s NetBackup version not compatible with Server Group
408    Server Group is in use
409    Member already exists in server group
501    You are not authorized to use this application
502    No authorization entry exists in the auth.conf file for user name
503    Invalid username.
504    Incorrect password
505    Can not connect to the NB-Java authentication service on host on the configured port - (port_number).
506    connect to the NB-Java user service on host on port port_number.
507    Socket connection to the NB-Java user service has been broken
508    Can not write file.
509    Can not execute program
510    File already exists: file_name
511    NB-Java application server interface error
512    Internal error - a bad status packet was returned by NB-Java application server that did not contain an exit status code
513    bpjava-msvc: the client is not compatible with this server version (server_version).
514    NB-Java: bpjava-msvc is not compatible with this application version (application_version).
516    Could not recognize or initialize the requested locale - (locale_NB-Java_was_started_in).
517    Can not connect to the NB-Java user service via VNETD on host on port configured_port_number. If successfully logged in beforehand, retry your last operation. Check the log file for more details.
518    No ports available in range (port_number) through (port_number) per the NBJAVA_CLIENT_PORT_WINDOW configuration option.
519    Invalid NBJAVA_CLIENT_PORT_WINDOW configuration option value: (option_value).
520    Invalid value for NB-Java configuration option (option_name):(option_value).
521    NB-Java Configuration file (file_name) does not exist.
522    NB-Java Configuration file (file_name) is not readable due to the following error: (message).
523    NB-Java application server protocol error.
525    Cannot connect to the NB-Java authentication service via VNETD on (host) on port (vnetd_configured_port_number). Check the log file for more details.
526    bpjava authentication service connection failed
527    bpjava user service connection if connection to pbx on port 1556 fails
600    an exception condition occurred
601    unable to open listen socket
602    cannot set non blocking mode on the listen socket
603    cannot register handler for accepting new connections
604    no target storage unit specified for the new job
605    received error notification for the job
606    no robot on which the media can be read
607    no images were found to synthesize
608    storage unit query failed
609    reader failed
610    end point terminated with an error
611    no connection to reader
612    cannot send extents to bpsynth
613    cannot connect to read media server
614    cannot start reader on the media server
615    internal error 615. This error code is no longer used
616    internal error 616. This error code is no longer used
617    no drives available to start the reader process
618    internal error 618. This error code is no longer used
619    internal error 619. This error code is no longer used
620    internal error 620. This error code is no longer used
621    unable to connect to bpcoord
622    connection to the peer process does not exist
623    execution of a command in a forked process failed
624    unable to send a start command to a reader or a writer process on media server
625    data marshalling error
626    data un-marshalling error
627    unexpected message received from bpsynth
628    insufficient data received
629    no message was received from bptm
630    unexpected message was received from bptm
631    received an error from bptm request to suspend media
632    received an error from bptm request to un-suspend media
633    unable to listen and register service via vnetd
634    no drives available to start the writer process
635    unable to register handle with the reactor
636    read from input socket failed
637    write on output socket failed
638    invalid arguments specified
639    specified policy does not exist
640    specified schedule was not found
641    invalid media type specified in the storage unit
642    duplicate backup images were found
643    unexpected message received from bpcoord
644    extent directive contained an unknown media id. This error code is no longer used
645    unable to start the writer on the media server
646    unable to get the address of the local listen socket
647    validation of synthetic image failed
648    unable to send extent message to BPXM
649    unexpected message received from BPXM
650    unable to send extent message to bpcoord
651    unable to issue the database query for policy
652    unable to issue the database query for policy information
653    unable to send a message to bpccord. This error code is no longer used
654    internal error 654. This error code is no longer used
655    no target storage unit was specified via command line
656    unable to send start synth message to bpcoord. This error code is no longer used.
657    unable to accept connection from the reader
658    unable to accept connection from the writer
659    unable to send a message to the writer child process
660    a synthetic backup request for media resources failed
661    unable to send exit message to the BPXM reader
662    unknown image referenced in the synth context message from BPXM
663    image does not have a fragment map
664    zero extents in the synthetic image, cannot proceed
665    termination requested by bpcoord. This error code is no longer used
667    unable to open pipe between bpsynth and bpcoord. This error code is no longer used
668    pipe fgets call from bpcoord failed. This error code is no longer used
669    bpcoord startup validation failure. This error code is no longer used
670    send buffer is full
671    query for list of component images failed
800    resource request failed
801    JM internal error
802    JM internal protocol error
803    JM terminating
805    Invalid jobid
806    this mpx group is unjoinable
807    not externalized
811    failed to communicate with resource requester
812    failed to communicate with resource broker
813    duplicate reference string specified
818    retention level mismatch
819    unable to communicate with JM proxy
823    no BRMComm to join
830    drive(s) unavailable or down
831    image has been validated
832    failed to write discover data to a file
833    error parsing discovered XML data
900    retry nbrb request later
901    RB internal error
902    RB invalid argument
903    RB communication error
904    RB max reallocation tries exceeded
905    RB media server mismatch
906    RB operator denied mount request
907    RB user cancelled resource request
908    RB was reset
912    RB disk volume mount failed
914    RB media reservation not found
915    RB disk volume mount must retry
916    Resource request timed out
917    RB multiplexing group not found
918    RB does not have a multiplexing group that uses this media id or drive name
1000    Client is offline
1001    discovery document error
1002    Discovery detected a failed client
1057    A data corruption has been detected
1058    A data inconsistency has been detected and corrected automatically.
1401    Invalid arguments received
1402    Hold id or Hold name argument is invalid
1403    Backup id argument is invalid
1404    Image copy number argument is invalid
1405    No images are found
1406    Invalid hold type
1407    Invalid hold state
1408    Database error
1409    Unable to connect to database
1410    No data found
1411    Catalog error
1412    Hold record is being updated
1413    Requested hold is not found
1414    Duplicate hold found
1415    Duplicate image found
1416    Partially failed due to duplicate image
1417    Partially failed due to unhold image
1418    Requested image is not found
1419    Partially failed due to invalid image copy
1420    Cannot expire on hold image copy.
1421    Active holds cannot be changed
1422    Cannot deassign media on hold
1423    Unable to retrieve hold status of the image copies
1424    Requested Legal hold is not found
1425    Requested Local hold is not found
1426    Retired holds cannot be changed
1450    CORBA exception received from Indexing service.
1451    Invalid command line option
1452    Backup ID: does not exists
1453    Invalid Operation ID
1454    Invalid Priority
1455    Missing value for option <-option>
1456    Required option is not found
1457    Too many arguments provided
1458    Unable to connect to Indexing Service
1459    Incorrect file path:
1460    No data found in the file
1461    invalid date
1462    End date is before start date
1463    Hours must be greater than or equal to 1
1464    For -force option, operation ID has to be 1
1465    nbindexutil -list option is missing the -indexserver option
1466    Invalid combination of options
1467    Number of files is 0 and hence not submitting the request for backup image
1468    There are no tar copies for snapshot image
1500    Storage unit does not exist or can't be used where specified
1501    Source operation cannot be used where specified
1502    Retention type cannot be used where specified
1503    Volume pool does not exist or can't be used where specified
1504    Server group does not exist or can't be used where specified
1505    alternate read server does not exist or can't be used where specified
1506    data classification does not exist
1508    Storage lifecycle policy exceeds maximum copies
1509    Storage lifecycle policy exceeds maximum backup operations
1510    storage lifecycle policy cannot have more than one snapshot operation
1511    storage lifecycle policy must have at least one fixed retention or snapshot rotation operation
1512    storage lifecycle policy must have at least one backup, import, or snapshot operation
1513    invalid priority
1514    invalid operation type
1515    multiplexing value is not valid or cannot be used where specified
1516    all storage units or groups must be on the same media server
1517    Invalid retention level
1518    backup image is not supported by storage lifecycle policy
1519    Images are in process
1521    Database not available
1522    Error executing database query
1523    Invalid fragment
1524    Duplicate image record
1525    Invalid lsu
1526    Storage lifecycle policy exceeds maximum import operations
1527    storage lifecycle policy can have only one of backup, import, and snapshot operations
1528    The source copy for an Auto Image Replication is not capable of replication
1529    The source copy for Auto Image Replication must specify a storage unit
1530    Only one Auto Image Replication allowed per copy
1531    An import storage lifecycle policy requires one copy with remote retention type
1532    Import failed because the imported image specifies an SLP name which does not exist
1533    Import failed because the imported image data class is different than the SLP data class
1534    Import failed because the imported image specifies an SLP name with no import operation
1535    Import failed because the imported image backup id conflicts with an existing image
1536    The storage unit or storage unit group cannot be deleted because an SLP references it
1537    Backup policy and storage lifecycle policy have conflicting configurations
1538    Data classification in the SLP conflicts with backup policy
1539    Backup policy generates snapshots but storage lifecycle policy does not handle them
1540    SLP expects snapshots but backup policy does not create them with SLP management enabled
1541    Snapshot creation failed
1542    An existing snapshot is no longer valid and cannot be mounted for subsequent operations
1543    Policy type is not compatible with SLP operations
1545    Schedule type is not compatible with SLP operations
1546    Capacity managed retention type is not compatible with SLP operations
1547    Expire after copy retention requires a dependent copy
1548    Retention type is not compatible with snapshot operation
1549    TIR information selection is not compatible with SLP operations
1552    The source and target storage units are not valid replication partners
1553    Checkpoints are not allowed with SLP operations
1554    Storage unit snapshot capability is not compatible with operation characteristics
1556    The SLP deletion failed because a backup policy refers to it.
1557    Must specify mirror retention when target storage unit is mirror capable.
1558    Mirror retention is not allowed when target storage unit is not mirror capable.
1559    SLP referenced in policy or schedule not found
1560    Fixed or rotation retention required without a replication operation
1561    Policy using NDMP conflicts with multiple Backup From Snapshot operations in storage lifecycle policy
1562    Backup schedule generates snapshots but storage lifecycle policy does not handle them
1563    SLP expects snapshots but backup schedule does not create them
1565    Policy snapshot method is not compatible with SLP snapshot operations
1566    Storage unit required for snapshot operation when no other operation present
1567    Only one NDMP backup of a snapshot per backup ID is allowed
1568    Only one IndexFromSnapshot operation is allowed per storage lifecycle policy
1569    Snapshot storage unit is not configured for primary snapshots. It cannot be used in snapshot operation.
1570    Policy type does not support Index from Snapshot
1571    Data mover type specified in policy does not support Index from Snapshot
1572    Storage unit must be specified for this operation
1573    Backup image cannot be expired because its SLP processing is not yet complete
1800    Invalid client list
2000    Unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available.
2001    No drives are available for this job
2002    Invalid STU identifier type
2003    Drive is not allocated
2004    Drive is already allocated
2005    MDS has received an invalid message from a media server.
2006    NDMP credentials are not defined in EMM
2007    Storage unit is not compatible with requesting job
2008    All compatible drive paths are down
2009    All compatible drive paths are down but media is available
2010    Job type is invalid
2011    The media server reported a system error.
2012    Media has conflicts in EMM
2013    Error record insert failed
2014    Media is not assigned
2015    Media is expired
2016    Media is assigned to another server
2017    Media needs to be unmounted from a drive
2018    Number of cleanings is invalid
2019    Media is in a drive that is not configured on local system
2020    Robotic library is down on server
2021    Allocation record insert failed
2022    Allocation status record insert failed
2023    Allocation identifier is not known to EMM
2024    Allocation request update failed
2025    Allocation request delete failed
2026    Allocation status request delete failed
2027    Media server is not active
2028    Media is reserved
2029    EMM database is inconsistent
2030    Insufficient disk space or high water mark would be exceeded
2031    Media is not defined in EMM
2032    Media is in use according to EMM
2033    Media has been misplaced
2034    Retry the allocation request later
2035    Request needs to pend
2036    Drive is in a robotic library that is up
2037    Drive is not ready
2038    Media loaded in drive is not write-enabled
2039    SCSI reservation conflict detected
2040    Maximum job count has been reached for the storage unit
2041    Storage unit is down
2042    Density mismatch detected
2043    Requested slot is empty
2044    Media is assigned to another application
2045    Storage unit is disabled since max job count is less than 1
2046    Media is unmountable
2047    Media is write protected
2048    Media is in use by the ACS robotic library
2049    Media not found in the ACS robotic library
2050    ACS media has an unreadable external label
2051    ACS media is not in the drive's domain
2052    An ACS Library Storage Module (LSM) is offline
2053    Media is in an inaccessible drive
2054    Media is in a drive that is currently in a DOWN state
2055    ACS physical drive is not available
2056    The file name used for the mount request already exists
2057    The scan host of the drive is not active
2058    LTID needs to be restarted on media servers before the device can be used
2059    The robotic library is not available
2060    Media needs to be rewound or unmounted from a drive
2061    The host is not an active node of a cluster
2062    Throttled job count has been reached for the storage unit
2063    Server is not licensed for the Remote Client Option
2064    Job history indicates that no media is available
2065    Job history indicates that no drive is available
2066    Disk pool not found
2067    Disk volume not found
2068    Disk volume mount point not found
2069    Disk volume mount point record insert failed
2070    The specified mount path will not fit in the allocated space
2071    Unable to find any storage servers for the request
2072    Invalid operation on static mount point
2073    Disk pool is down
2074    Disk volume is down
2075    Fibre Transport resources are not available
2076    DSM returned an unexpected error
2077    DSM has already mounted the volume
2078    The maximum number of mounts for the disk volume have been exceeded
2079    DSM has detected that an invalid file system is mounted on the volume
2080    Disk volume has no max writers count
2081    Disk volume has no max readers count
2082    The drive needs to be marked as available
2083    The media affinity group is not defined in EMM
2084    Media affinity group record insert failed
2085    Disk volume is not available
2086    Disk volume cannot be used for more than one copy in the same job
2087    Media allocation would exceed maximum partially full media limit
2088    Cleaning media is not available
2089    FT client is not running
2090    FT client has no devices configured
2091    FT client devices are offline
2092    FT server devices for client are offline
2093    No FT servers for this client are running
2094    STU cannot run Lifecycle backups
2095    STU cannot run VMWare backup
2096    NDMP operation does not support multiple inline copies
2097    Storage Unit group does not exist in EMM configuration
2098    Media pool is not eligible for this job
2099    Required drive or drive path is not configured
2100    Maximum number of mounts has been exceeded for tape media
2101    Media server not found in EMM database
2102    Storage unit does not support spanning
2103    Media server mismatch
2104    Storage units are not available
2105    Storage unit requested for replication job is not replication capable
2106    Disk storage server is down
2107    Requested media server does not have credentials for storage server
2504    Direct expiration of a mirror copy is not allowed
2800    Standard policy restore error
2801    Oracle policy restore error
2802    Informix-On-BAR policy restore error
2803    Sybase policy restore error
2804    MS-SharePoint policy restore error
2805    MS-Windows policy restore error
2806    NetWare policy restore error
2807    SQL-BackTrack policy restore error
2808    Windows File System policy restore error
2809    MS-SQL-Server policy restore error
2810    MS-Exchange policy restore error
2811    SAP policy restore error
2812    DB2 policy restore error
2813    NDMP policy restore error
2814    FlashBackup policy restore error
2815    AFS policy restore error
2816    DataStore policy restore error
2817    FlashBackup Windows policy restore error
2818    NBU Catalog policy restore error
2819    Enterprise Vault policy restore error
2820    NBU VMware policy restore error
2826    Master server failed to connect to backup restore manager on media server for restore
2828    Restore failed because the MS-SQL-Server services are down
2829    Restore failed due to MS-SQL-Server database in use
2830    Restore failed due to an incorrect path in the MS-SQL-Server MOVE script
2831    Restore error
2832    Restore failed due to rename file format error
2833    Restore failed due to partition restore error
2834    Restore failed due to failure to read change block bitmap
2835    Restore failed due to corrupt image
2836    Restore failed because the bitmap size read from the image header differs from the expected size
2837    Restore failed due to invalid metadata
2838    Restore failed because no raw partitions were found
2839    Restore failed due to invalid raw partition ID
2840    Restore failed due to out of sequence raw partitions
2841    Restore failed due to failure to read the header from the backup image
2842    Restore failed due to failure to read the VMware bitmap
2843    Restore failed due to failure to start VxMS
2844    Restore failed due to failure to read the FIID file
2845    Restore failed due to failure to retrieve the bitmap
2846    Restore failed due to failure to retrieve the fsmap
2847    Restore failed due to failure to start the bptm writer
2848    Restore failed due to failure to create the virtual machine
2849    Restore failed due to failure to delete the virtual machine snapshot
2850    Restore error
4200    Operation failed: Unable to acquire snapshot lock
4201    Incorrect snapshot method configuration or snapshot method not compatible for protecting backup selection entries
4202    Invalid or incompatible storage unit configured
4203    Invalid or unsupported backup selection filelist
4204    Incompatible client found
4205    Incorrect or no credentials found
4206    Authentication error occurred. NetBackup Client Service is running as Local System, this is likely incorrect.
4207    Could not fetch snapshot metadata or state files
4208    Could not send snapshot metadata or statefiles
4209    Snapshot metadata or statefiles cannot be created
4210    Incorrect or no content found in snapshot metadata
4211    Snapshot not accessible or invalid snapshot
4212    Recreation of snapshot failed
4213    Snapshot import failed
4214    Snapshot mount failed
4215    Snapshot deletion failed
4216    Snapshot cleanup failed
4217    Snapshot restore failed
4218    Snapshot deport failed
4219    Command operation failed: Third-party command or API execution failed
4220    Command operation failed: System command or API execution failed
4221    Found an invalid or unsupported configuration
4222    Operation failed: Unable to acquire policy lock to take snapshot
4223    Operation not completed
4224    STS Internal Error
4225    Unauthorized operation attempted by client or media on storage server
4226    Communication failure occurred with storage server
4227    STS Plug-in error occurred
4228    Storage server or plug-in version mismatch
4229    Insufficient resources or capabilities found by storage server
4230    Invalid storage topology or storage server configuration error
4231    STS Unexpected Error
4232    Invalid Discovery Query URI
4233    BIOS UUID client reference not allowed for vCloud
4234    VMware server login failure
4235    vCloud keyword used when vCloud not enabled
4236    vCloud policy includes multiple organizations
4237    Client does not meet policy requirements
4238    No server credentials configured for policy
4239    Unable to find the virtual machine
4240    Operation not supported
4243    Unable to connect to the VirtualCenter server
4245    Invalid pathname for backup selection
4246    The requested operation was partially successful.
4247    Index from snapshot for Replication Director NDMP Policy is not supported on AIX media server
4248    Index from snapshot operation failed with an internal error
4249    Index from snapshot operation failed, catalog already exists
4250    Index from snapshot operation failed, unable to find child image or file information
4251    Index from snapshot operation failed. Failed to write into index database
4252    Index from snapshot operation failed. Entry does not belong to any of the backup selection entries.
4253    Index from snapshot operation failed. SLP version mismatch for current and previous backup image.
4254    Invalid or no path found to create index database
4255    Index from snapshot using SnapDiff is disabled by the user
4256    Index from snapshot is not supported for the file system associated with backup selection
4257    Index from snapshot is not supported for the storage server
4258    Transient error encountered while taking Hyper-V VM snapshot
4259    Failed to find VirtualCenter host name in VMware Lookup Service
4260    Encountered SSO login failure
4261    Encountered VMware Internal Server Error
4262    Encountered VMware vCloud Suite API failure
4263    Encountered VMware SOAP API failure
4264    Encountered unexpected error while processing TagView XML
4265    Encountered a VMware Virtual Machine Server that does not support Tags
4266    Encountered a VMware Virtual Machine Server that does not offer Tag APIs
4267    Failed to initialize Java Runtime Environment
4268    Failed to retrieve resource pool information
4269    Found multiple virtual machines with same identity
4270    A snapshot of the virtual machine exists and the policy option specifies aborting the backup
4271    Maximum virtual machine snapshots exceeded
4272    Maximum delta files exceeded
4273    Unable to lock the backup or restore host for virtual machine snapshot operations
4274    Failed to remove virtual machine snapshot
4275    Unable to consolidate Virtual Machine Disks
4276    Unable to retrieve Virtual Machine Disk information
4277    Virtual machine path contains unsupported characters
4278    Unable to retrieve virtual machine information
4279    Unable to retrieve virtual machine vCloud information
4280    Virtual machine contains independent and Raw Device Mapping disks only
4281    Virtual machine contains independent disks only
4282    Virtual machine contains Raw Device Mapping disks only
4283    Error detected while processing disk identifiers
4287    A NetBackup snapshot of the virtual machine exists and the policy option specifies aborting the backup
4290    Failed to create virtual machine snapshot. Virtual machine is busy performing another operation
5400    Backup error - None of the request objects were found in the database
5401    Backup error - FRA (Fast Recovery Area) was requested, but it was not found in the database
5402    OS Authentication error - Could not connect to the database. Please check the OS credentials
5403    Oracle Authentication error - Could not connect to the database. Please check the Oracle credentials
5404    ASM validation error - PROXY backup is not supported for ASM
5405    Recovery Catalog Authentication error - Could not connect to the Recovery Catalog. Please check the Recovery Catalog credentials
5406    Archive log only backup requested, but database is not in ARCHIVELOG Mode
5407    Database is in the wrong state (must be OPEN) for the requested action
5408    OS Authentication error - Could not find credentials. If this instance is part of an instance group, make sure that the group has the credentials that match this OS Type
5409    Cloning is NOT supported for this client platform
5410    Oracle Intelligent Policy is NOT supported for this client platform
5411    Cannot do a hot backup of a database in NOARCHIVELOG mode
5412    Database is in the wrong state (must be OPEN or MOUNTED) for an Archive Log Backup
5413    Database is in the wrong state (must be OPEN or MOUNTED) for an FRA backup
5414    The request operation is not supported with this client version
5415    Cannot shut down read-only standby database
5416    Oracle cannot resolve the TNS connection identifier
5417    An error has occurred checking if the NFS server is an appliance
5418    The NFS server is not an appliance
5419    The database backup share directory is not available on the appliance.
5420    Whole Database - Datafile Copy Share selection is not supported for this client platform.
5421    None of the requested pluggable databases were found.
5422    Partial success - one or more of the requested pluggable databases were not found.
5423    None of the requested tablespaces were found in the requested pluggable databases
5424    Partial success - one or more of the requested pluggable databases did not contain any of the requested tablespaces
5425    None of the requested data files were found in the requested pluggable databases
5426    Partial success - one or more of the requested pluggable databases did not contain any of the requested data files
5427    Partial success - more than one error was encountered, please refer to the Detailed Status tab in the Job Details and review logs for more information
5428    No database backup shares were found.
5429    No files that are related to the instance or database were found in the database backup share
5430    Database must be in ARCHIVELOG mode to perform a cold backup of a pluggable database
5500    The NetBackup core web service service internal error
5501    Supplied URI is too short
5502    Supplied URI is not supported
5503    NetBackup core web service is terminating
5504    Query string in URI is bad
5505    Client name is required
5506    Failed to communicate with core web service proxy
5507    Unknown jobid
5508    Error in parsing XML document
5761    Failed to initialize Windows Socket library
5762    Peer is not a NetBackup Master or Media Server
5763    Encountered error during socket communication
5764    Command specified for execution is invalid or not allowed
5765    Failed to execute specified command (CreateProcess or exec)
5766    Failed to execute specified command (fork)
5767    Failed to get exit code of child process
5768    Failed to read complete output of executed command
5769    Failed to reap exit code of child process
5770    Failed to get cluster configuration
5771    Failed to write output received from remote command
5772    Failed to read unified logging configuration file
5773    Failed to get virtual name of Master Server
5774    Specified logs are not valid
5775    Invalid option specified
5776    Failed to spawn new process
5777    Failed to create the staging directory on Master Server
5778    Failed to read Logging Assistant database
5779    Failed to lock Logging Assistant database
5780    Failed to set non-inherit flag on database file handle
5781    Failed to prepare to save Logging Assistant database
5782    Failed to start to write Logging Assistant database
5783    Failed to save Logging Assistant database
5784    Failed to access or write the readme or progress file
5786    Logging Assistant record does not exist
5787    Logging Assistant record already exists
5788    Debug logging has not been set up for Logging Assistant record
5789    Failed to interpret bpdbjobs output for job detail
5790    Failed to fetch PureDisk configuration setting from Windows registry
5794    Failed to calculate debug logs size for preview
5796    Logging Assistant agent encountered failure writing on socket to Master Server
5798    Failed to list disk volumes on Master Server using bpmount
5799    Failed to get disk space information of volumes or mount points
5800    Failed to execute bpdbjobs to fetch job details
5801    Failed to fetch job details. Check if job exists.
5803    Failed to modify PureDisk configuration file
5804    Failed to modify Java GUI configuration file (
5805    Remote host NetBackup version not supported by the Logging Assistant
5806    Unexpected contents of PureDisk configuration file (pdregistry.cfg)
5807    Failed to copy nbcplogs/nbsu output file from remote host
5808    Failed to load PBX configuration to change log level
5809    Invalid PBX Debug Log Level specified
5811    Temporary directory to use for logs collection does not exist
5812    nbcplogs exited with error
5813    nbcplogs did not collect any logs
5814    nbsu exited with error
5815    No activity for the Logging Assistant record is in progress
5816    Collect debug logs operation canceled
5817    Collect nbsu operation canceled
5819    Cancel operation requested
5820    Not a valid Logging Assistant temporary directory for clean-up
5821    Failed to get policy details
5902    Fingerprint of the certificate could not be generated
5903    CA certificate could not be verified
5904    Internal error.
5905    The host ID is not valid
5906    The token is not valid
5907    Unknown resource requested
5908    Unknown error occurred
5909    Token does not exist for this token value
5910    Host name is not specifie
5913    A token with this name already exists
5914    The security service is not available
5915    Request timed out
5916    Token name is not specified
5917    The reissue token cannot have the usage count greater than one
5918    The maximum usage count for the token should be provided within the valid range, which is from 1 to 99999
5919    Validity period specified for this token is not valid. The maximum validity period that you can specify is 999 days
5920    The specified token is associated with a different host name
5921    The specified token is associated with a different host ID
5922    The reissue token cannot be associated with the host name
5925    The required data is missing
5926    Certificate signing request is not valid
5927    The specified file could not be opened.
5929    The certificate is not in the Active state, so it cannot be renewed
5930    The request could not be authorized
5931    The host ID is empty
5932    Token usage count is not set
5933    The maximum token usage limit has been reached
5934    The token has expired
5936    The specified token name is not in a valid forma
5938    The revocation reason code is not valid
5939    This revocation reason code is not supported by the server
5940    The specified token is not a reissue token
5941    The host ID is not associated with any host
5942    Certificate could not be read from the local certificate store
5943    Lock cannot be acquired on the file for writing
5944    The host alias list has multiple host names
5945    Host alias is not specified
5946    Token is mandatory
5947    The host is not registered with the server
5948    Certificate could not be written to the local certificate store
5949    Certificate does not exis
5950    Certificate already exists
5953    The certificate deployment level is not valid
5954    The host name could not be resolved to the requesting host's IP address
5955    The host name is not known to the master server
5956    The existing certificate deployment level on the master server does not allow this operation
5957    The master server is unable to connect to the CA.
5958    The master server is unable to access the CA certificate
5959    The NetBackup AT credentials of the web service user are not valid.
5960    NetBackup AT configuration on the master server could not be initialized
5962    The host name does not match the existing name in the certificate
5963    Entity does not exist
5964    Data conversion error
5965    The host ID associated with this reissue token is assigned to another host. You need to revoke the certificate for the host ID before you continue
5966    The host has an active certificate. You need to revoke the certificate before you can disassociate the host from its host ID
5967    The file already exists
5968    The host information could not be retrieved while creating the certificate signing request
5969    Response from the NetBackup Web Management Console service could not be parsed
5970    The server time could not be fetched
5971    The token contains characters that are not supported
6000    The provided path is not whitelisted
6530    Unable to start SharePoint web service on server
6531    Validation of operating system user/password failed for client
7610    Failed to parse the specified object
8000    User does not have permission(s) to perform the requested operation
8500    Connection with the web service was not established
8504    The web service certificate is issued by an unknown Certificate Authority
8505    The certificate is not yet valid
8506    The certificate has expired
8507    The certificate could not be verified
8508    List of trusted Certificate Authorities could not be fetched
8509    The specified server name was not found in the web service certificate
8510    Web server certificate verification failed
8700    The host database web service is unavailable due to an internal error
8701    The host does not exist
8702    The web service cannot create the host because the host exists in the host database
8703    The web service cannot create the host because the alias name exists in the host database
8704    A conflict occurred while updating the host database. Kindly retry the operation
8706    The required field is missing from the input request
8707    The web service cannot update the host ID.
8708    Constraint violations are detected for the given attributes in the input request
8709    The destination file or directory already exists
8710    The disk space is insufficient on the host to upload
8711    The folder that is required to upload the telemetry data does not exist
8712    Failed to upload the file
8713    Failed to upload the file. The input file cannot be empty
8800    Communication with EMM failed

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